What is a “Moderate Muslim”?

We hear a lot of people tell us there are “moderate Muslims” and “Islamic Extremists”.

But what is the difference, ideologically speaking? The short answer is, nothing. Both believe in the same things, but the extremist is simply the one that acts on what they believe.

You have to understand a few things about Islam to fully grasp the facts of what I just stated and how wrong it is to call any Muslim “moderate” and how that can even be an insult to a practicing Muslim.

Firstly, you need to know that Islam respects the God of Abraham as the “one true God”, the same as Judaism does, the same as Christianity does. What’s the difference?

Well, as we all know Judaism came first. Essentially the religion was created by Moses or at least put on stone by him. Moses is responsible for most of the writings in the Torah and the Old Testament in the Holy Bible. Then Jesus came along and his followers and disciples added the New Testament and gave us Christianity. But then, a fellow named Muhammad came along, a pedophile, rapist, and brutal dictator and warlord and created the Qur’on.

Whereas Jesus Christ taught his followers to offer forgiveness to their trespassers and to turn the other cheek, Muhammad taught his followers to be vengeful, dominate the world through force and guerrilla warfare.

Muslims believe in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They even believe that Jesus Christ was a messiah, but much like Christians believe that Jesus came to set the record straight, Muslims believe that Muhammad did the same thing AFTER Jesus Christ did, therefor, Muhammad’s very radical words is final.

So, what is a Moderate Muslim? Well, the only way you can be a Moderate Muslim is if you don’t practice or believe in the radical teachings of Muhammad, and that makes you a Christian.

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