About Us

MLW & Associates, LLC was founded in 2006 as a sole proprietorship of Michael Lee Wells.  As the company grew, the company was formed into a limited liability company on January 31, 2012. MLW & Associates, LLC then formed two DBA’s, Goldsboro Web Development and Goldsboro Networks, a namesake honoring the city in which gave the company it’s start.

MLW & Associates, LLC is owned by Michael and Kimberly Wells and other members of their family.  It is a family owned and a family operated business and serves more than 41,000 customers worldwide.

Goldsboro Web Development is a multi-functional company that focuses on website development, design, seo, and email provision services.  The primary goal is data security of our customers.

Goldsboro Networks is the information systems and telecommunications provider for Goldsboro Web Development.  Goldsboro Networks also services local customers of North Carolina in network services and custom data solutions.

MLW & Associates, LLC has many other companies and DBAs that perform a wide range of services from free online blogging, to free email, such as Vraul, e-nc.us, eyeconic, and other brands.

You can contact us by visiting one of our brand’s websites.