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Tarheel Media is the latest company we have launched combining the might of Goldsboro Networks and Goldsboro Web Development into a single brand and website and launching an AI-Powered Cloud Service, the Tarheel Cloud.


Nerdy Mike’s Computer shop is an online store to buy custom, modern, computers from gaming to micro-workstations. Nerdy Mike’s also sells network components and routers for virtually any setup you need.


E-NC.US is currently an email service that is closed source for research purposes only (currently). We are still undergoing closed alpha testing to improve and build the ultimate email client that is fast, simple, and spam-free.


We have rebranded and merged Goldsboro Web Development and Goldsboro Networks to Tarheel Media and have launched the Tarheel Cloud under Tarheel Media. Tarheel Media offers a variety of services that leverage AI.

  • Web Design & Development

  • Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Machine Rentals

  • Tarheel Cloud

  • AI Research


Nerdy Mike’s Computer shop specializes in custom-built computers from hardware that’s meant to last and take a beating, even while overclocking and, as a bonus, at a price that can’t be beaten.

Nerdy Mike’s also repairs computers and has some high praise from customers on the jobs they do.

  • Custom Gaming & Home Computers

  • Custom Workstations

  • Custom Servers

  • Computer/Server Repair


E-NC.US is a test platform for an email service that is not ready for public release. Checkback soon for more information when and if it becomes available.


MLW And Associates, LLC is a privately held and up-to-date LLC in North Carolina. MLW And Associates, LLC was started in 2012 after forming from the expansion of Goldsboro Web Development who had been operating as Michael Wells since 2007.

MLW & Associates, LLC is laser-focused on honest practices and transparency to our customers. Our companies serve their clients with the personal touch and allowing all clients to talk to a real human every time they call.

We are not currently taking on any investors. MLW & Associates, LLC runs on a Zero-Debt policy. We believe true corporate liberty occurs when a company is not beholden to any investor, shareholder, or bank. This is why our clients consistently love our brands and services: The dolor does not dictate our ethics.