New Ransomware

New Ransomware

When I first read this article the only thing I could do was "lol" as I've downloaded torrents before but only if I already have a legitimate license for it. Here is the thing; if you own Microsoft Office 2009, and you have 4 kids (like I do) your CD's will get scratched, broken, and lost, though your key is kept online with Microsoft (if you register the software), which is great. This happened to me once, and I called Microsoft about it:

Spring Is Here!

As spring rolls in so does the rising temperatures and that can sometimes spell disaster for data!  As the temperatures rise, air-conditioner systems will be placed under heavier loads and will break down more frequently, causing more outages and downtime. 

Happy New Years!

We at MLW & Associates, LLP wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year Holiday!  Everyone thinks that it is just “people” that have New Year’s resolutions, well we, as a company have one too: We resolve to become the webs leading presence provider that ranks #1 in customer service, technology, and customer satisfaction. We ... Read More

Company Structure

We have done some re-tooling to MyTekWeb, our primary subsidiary.  MyTekWeb was first started oriented to web hosting and data services.  We have moved all data services over to Goldsboro Web Development and all “free service” type programs to MyTekWeb to consolidate the different business models into different sections and companies.  

Website Back Up

We do apologize for the latest downtimes we have experienced. Over the past few days we have experienced catastrophic data-loss on our company server that runs our company websites. Upon trying to retrieve the data, we noticed that our database had been corrupted for quite some time due to a failing raid array.