One by One

We are one-by-one moving sites from our old MLW & Associates web server to our new Goldsboro Web Development web server.  Today, and if you are seeing htis news article, we have moved to our new server and you should start to see a drastic performance difference.

Because of this new move, we have suspended the accounting software we were using at the /myaccount/ subdomain.  Most of the accounts have been moved to the Goldsboro Web Development account system.  Accounts that we still have are generally handled locally and in-house by our PeachTree Software and you will be able to access your information by simply calling us.  We do hope to have a better system that integrates with PeachTree in the future, but for now our billing system will be strictly in-house.

You can still make all of your payments to us online by requesting an invoice.  Generally if we send you an online invoice you will be able to make that payment still through our website’s payment processor.

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