New PC Center

New PC Center

MLW And Associates, LLC announces the opening of a new company in Goldsboro, North Carolina, a PC repair and outlet center.  Yet another subsidiary of MLW and Associates, we hope to bring the citizens of eastern North Carolina affordable quality in their computing needs.  We will offer a wide range of merchandise from PC parts, systems, servers, routers, and gaming systems as well as the latest and greatest software out there!

The new PC store will be named (as registered) Nightrider Computing.  This name comes from the ’80’s hit Night-Rider in which the main character uses a car with technology so advanced that those whom crossed him had virtually no chance.  Our products will be delivering the same bennifits to our customers as when sold, our best line of models will have no equal; and they will be affordable.  It is not a dream or Science Fiction, its reality.

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