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States poise against Craigslist

States poise against Craigslist

The ever popular free on-line classified listing service, Craigslist is getting some heat from an alliance of states in order to stop illicit ads from being placed by their customers. This coalition is being lead by Connecticut’s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and is charging full steam against Craigslist to disclose and try to suppress ads that are listed for illicit or illegal activities.  The most common activity that is being targeted is prostitution.

Even in the state of North Carolina, it is not uncommon to see “Adult Classifieds” on Craigslist and the listings are becoming more and more popular especially in metropolitan areas. Being these transactions are being conducted over the internet, the “solicitation thereof” becomes unusable in a court of law because the solicitation didn’t take place “inside the state”.  This coalition of Attorney Generals aim to change this.

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