The ICPP Scam

The ICPP Scam

Since I posed my news article about the ICPP Scam entitled “New Ransomware” iI have gotten maybe 300+ emails asking me if I found a solution, and if not, why not say so. Well I know the solution and without harming any files and I do apologize if I didn’t say so earlier.  I would like to say again, no matter what DO NOT PAY anything to the links on the software — the software is “ransomware” and it has been proven that they do not “unlock” your pc.  Thankfully, they did not employ any means of encryption to lock the files like some ransomware sites do, which really makes this more “scareware” than it is “ransomware”.

Simple solution is, restart the infected or locked PC in safemode (for those that don’t know, that is taping the F5 key during startup, just fractions of seconds before the windows logo screen comes up with the loading icon (or bar)).

You’ll notice the program does not run in safemode, but there isn’t anything else you can effectively do either. Here we go, click, start then run. Type: “msconfig” and hit enter. There in the services AND startup you’ll see the the ICPP scanner and “enforcer”.

Granted I only downloaded this software to see if it would pick up any of my software which it did not, so I am; no — I’m not downloading pirated materials just to test the scanner (lol). But I did create a few fake files that seemed to trip it a little, but seemed pretty easy to fake a payment code and disable.

If that doesn’t work, someone let me know; its been a while since I actually did any intense Microsoft clean-up work, so pardon me if I’m a bit rusty.

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  1. And Im running from a standard users account with strict limitations, which I think may be the limiting factor, but Im running the cmd as the system I am currently working on.

  2. This is a tragedy There are so many sick old people lurking online ,looking for innocent victems ,to satisfy their twisted Lifestyles.At least the guy was busted but sadly there are many many more.Vancouver home of deviants and weirdos Kids just got to learn the hard way sometimes Damm

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