The Dimise of Flash

The popularity of Flash and Flash Players are rapidly diminishing for professional websites.  An internet survey (2010) showed that more than 21% of the Internet’s web browsers are 64bit which are unable to run Flash.  In 2009, the statistics only indicated 4% of the browsers being 64bit.  Several critics of this sentiment will argue that people need flash for multi-media (I’ll strongly argue that you can accomplish 90% of what flash can do with Ajax/JQuery), however if adobe refuses to deliver a 64bit based flash player to the market while Mozilla refuses to develop 32 bit browsers, this will be Flash’s “time of death”.

As of late there has been word that adobe has been doing some “out-back” testing on a 64bit Flash player but they warn that it will not or ever will be compatible with the shock-wave players.  This testing version is only available for the Linux Operating Systems currently.

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