New Ransomware

New Ransomware

When I first read this article the only thing I could do was “lol” as I’ve downloaded torrents before but only if I already have a legitimate license for it.  Here is the thing; if you own Microsoft Office 2009, and you have 4 kids (like I do) your CD’s will get scratched, broken, and lost, though your key is kept online with Microsoft (if you register the software), which is great.  This happened to me once, and I called Microsoft about it:

Me: “I was wondering, how much does it cost for a new copy of MS Office 2009?”

MS: “$199.00”

Me: “I already bought the software once, do I really have to buy it again because of a compromised disk?”

MS: “Oh no sir!  We can just send you disks in the mail for $10.00 plus shipping and handling!”

Me: “Ok so if my neighbor has the disks I can use them and just plug in my CD Key and everything is legal?”

MS: “We don’t suggest it sir, because they might have a different version (professional, home etc), but if it is the same version, it is totally legal and does not violate any EULA”

Me: “Great thanks!”

So what does this mean?  It doesn’t matter how you acquire the software AS LONG AS YOU HAVE PURCHASED IT! So, thus my torrenting was born.  Though you have to be careful of the torrents you get!  Some torrents contain cracks and CD-Keys for the software, in such case this software is ILLEGAL to possess.

But today after reading this news article from ZD Net, I couldn’t help but to laugh.  Apparently, software companies have allied together and has created a gimmick to ensure that you pay for their software by placing a program on your PC that will check for certain torrents and then LOCK your PC and tell you that the ICPP Foundation has locked the PC and it can only be unlocked by paying for a license and a fee for pirating the software.  First of all the ICPP Foundation (International Copyright Publication Protection Foundation) does not engage in such acts — EVER, in fact placing this software on your PC without your knowing is simply more illegal than obtaining illegal software.  Secondly, they ask you to pay only a FRACTION of the fees that a legitimate ICPP notice would ask (usually about $10,000.00 is the norm).

This however is called “Scareware” or “Ransomware” the same software that was going around in the Y2K era that popped up a count-down timer on your PC saying “PC System WIPING MEMORY In…”.

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