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We have done some re-tooling to MyTekWeb, our primary subsidiary.  MyTekWeb was first started oriented to web hosting and data services.  We have moved all data services over to Goldsboro Web Development and all “free service” type programs to MyTekWeb to consolidate the different business models into different sections and companies.   MyTekWeb will run solely from a advertising based business model, which includes any free hosting (non promotional) programs that may be offered in the future while Goldsboro Web Development will remain on a service charge and retail business model.  This also means that the famous “Vraul Blogs” have also been moved under the direct control of MyTekWeb.  Services, advertising methods, and the community should still remain unchanged, however MLW & Associates, LLP has delegated management of the services now to MyTekWeb.


2 thoughts on “Company Structure

  1. Hello Michael!

    On one of your MU blogs you have copied in its entirety an article we published on EzineArtices titled:

    Cottage Law and Cottage Succession Planning For Saving the Family Cottage and the Memories You Love

    It’s bad enough that you copied the entire article for your cluster of insurance MU Webpress websites, but you overlooked including the resource box which included links to our website.

    Could you correct this oversight and include the proper links back to at your earliest convenience?

    Best regards,

    Dan A. Pennng, Attorney
    Wright Penning & Beamer

    The Home of Cottage Law
    Suttons Bay, Michigan
    Farmington Hills, Michigan

    • Greetings Mr Penning!

      I hope I have resolved your issue, the URL’s you sent to me were not on any of my networks. The sites in question were in fact hosted by — I would suggest contacting abuse AT for remedy.

      Good luck shutting the arses down that ripped your content and if you need any help you know where to find me!


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